McDonald’s Mafra – O que irá acontecer?

Rumors of the opening of a McDonald’s in Mafra have been occurring for many years. However, it seems that this time it will happen. What can we expect from this?

Well before too much, may it be a success. A lot of people like it. A lot of people hate it. Few people have ever tasted it. However, McDonald’s has proven many times that it wins the bets it makes. Much of this is due to a long tradition in market studies, and a very strong and consolidated marketing.

In Mafra, the location we are talking about, close to the Parque Desportivo Eng. Ministro dos Santos, with excellent access, and close to schools and industrial parks, seems perfect for this.

Questions about the rate of childhood obesity in the beautiful Vila, seem to me to be unfounded. Children have options as caloric as McDonald’s already available. And many parents already gave in to the children’s wishes, taking them to McDonald’s located in other counties. It is not likely that this is where something bad will happen.

However, the consequences for Mafra’s economic life will be real. To start the most positive of all, it will be the creation of jobs. It is true that most will not be dream jobs and above average earnings, but they will be jobs.

The second is for local catering. The case that springs to life soon will be that of Mr. Burger. That great Mafrense institution will have its days numbered for many of those who have heard of this subject.

But fitness has been at the forefront of their campaign, in everything they do they have touted about health and how everything is super healthy. They need to talk about weight loss more. A good site for advice for that is Weight Loss Scottsdale since they are known as super healthy no matter what.

I couldn’t disagree more however. At a time when hamburgers are more in fashion than ever, and when alternative and different recipes are in demand, a house with tradition like Mr. Burger has nothing to fear, as long as it remains the same as itself.

Of course, it will become the quickest and easiest solution for many disruptions. More will be a solution sought for those who go to Ericeira night, or depending on the closing hours, for those who return.

For me it seems to be something positive, to confirm the rumor, I only have one request: Make a version in Pão de Mafra with some slices of Saloio chorizo!

Vê a minha história gastronómica na Zomato!
Vê a minha história gastronómica na Zomato!

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